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A Whole New Whirl


Some like it hot and some like it cold. Whatever your preference, the exciting new line of environmentally-friendly paper cups at Newport Water has you covered.

Did I say paper?

Yes, I did! We have made a brand-new product available to you that aligns directly with our values of well-being, innovation and the environment. 

Your Well-being
The trendy new cups are available for hot beverages as well as cold. You can confidently hold on to our new cup regardless of the contents. The double-walled feature in your cup is engineered with an insulating space in between. Thus, whether your beverage is hot or cold, it is gentle to the touch and comfortable to carry. A special, all-natural, waterproof coating, safe for interacting with food products and drinks, is used to line the cup’s interior.
The beauty is all in the design. Each cup is made from certified high-quality paper and to a specified thickness and strength. The result is a stronger, longer lasting cup. When it was announced that we would be banning single-use plastic products in Barbados, pockets of panic took place. The prospect of searching for equally inexpensive and convenient products seemed to stump some vendors. In the rush to be compliant, there have been complaints of substandard products reaching the market, some of them literally falling apart. Newport has responded. We are pleased to announce that, not only is our cup a study one, it is fully on board with the government’s thrust towards environmental sustainability.

The Environment
At the very core of the business of Newport is stewardship of the environment. We have long been a proponent of low plastic usage because of the harmful effects on the environment. The new cups are completely biodegradable, returning completely to dust in three years. The new line is recyclable as well and capable of second and third generation product derivatives. This means a whole lot less unusable garbage at our landfills.

We have launched our new brand and now we are launching a new product. Our environmentally-friendly cups are strong to hold and degradable to release. They are comfortable, trendy and well crafted. We have placed a whole new whirl in your cup!
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