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A little bit about what makes us unique.

Our Story


We believe the traditional ways of accessing and consuming drinking water are expensive, flawed and wasteful. You shouldn’t need to lift, store or order water in any environment. Water systems should never be unhygienic, lack maintenance or be in a state of disrepair; neither should you have to generate plastic waste or hurt the environment to quench your thirst.

Water should be clean, sustainable, refreshing and easy.

We are delighted to empower our clients in Barbados, St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean in leading a new era of innovation and environmental stewardship.

Our brand stands on these three pillars:

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We’re keeping people hydrated.

60% of our body is made up of water, so we should drink up to five pints of pure water every day to boost our energy and help us concentrate. It’s a refreshing way to stay happy and healthy.

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Innovation is part of Newport’s DNA. It’s in our products, our people, our culture, our methodologies and our service. We are inspired by eliminating waste and making things faster, easier, and more efficient. Our clients directly benefit from this mindset. It’s how we make water easy!

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We’re looking out for the dolphins.

If we don‘t act now, soon there’ll be more plastic in our oceans than wildlife. Drinking filtered, bottle-less water instead of buying bottled water, helps to reduce our plastic pollution. It’s the natural way to protect our planet.


Enjoy our water purified, chilled, hot, or sparkling, from a range of world-class bottleless water dispensers. 

How We Work

Newport has turned tradition on its head in favour of a unique, service-driven methodology that makes water easy, accessible, and eco-friendly. It’s called ‘Subscribe to Water’.



Right up-front, we need to understand -  the ‘where’, ‘who’ and ‘what’ and ‘how many’ of your environment to recommend and propose a dispenser that provides the ultimate refreshment experience; for example is your environment a high-end corporate boardroom that would benefit from instantly serving hot, chilled and sparkling water or a household environment with 3 members who want purified water only?



Want convenience? Our dispensers are available on low-cost service-driven subscription fee that covers pretty much everything...
Sign-off on our single page agreement and you're on!



We install your dispenser using our unique install methodology developed for each dispenser. Enjoy your water chilled, hot, sparkling or just purified. Depending on the environment, Family, Clients, Guests, Teams or Students can instantly start enjoying water in a refreshing and sustainable way.



The renew phase speaks to our relentless commitment and systems-driven approach to service, sanitization, filtration changes, fast response times and planned preventative maintenance for every deployed dispenser. The result is sustainable, refreshing water that you can trust.

Our Clients

Net Promoter Score: 9.8


"Water is of a very good quality, service is up-to date and staff are very pleasant."
Barbados Fertility Centre

"Very good service. Prompt responses. Friendly and business-like staff."
New Dimensions Ministries

"Service is good. Water system works well! Response to service calls is good."
Shell Western Supply

People and Culture

Interested in working for Newport? Please see our Careers page.

Company Overview

Caribbean-based, organization with a global outlook and strong values.

We pursue inspiring goals through the synergies and power of teamwork, through sustainable methodologies and through the virtue of hardwork.

We’re purposed to give every client a world-class experience with our brand.


We’re committed to driving continuous improvement through lean practices

We’re working to build something extraordinarily, world-class.

We embrace an 'Extreme Ownership' mindset'. This means taking full responsibility for challenges, solutions and results.

Our values

We believe in the advancement of pure drinking water and making it easily accessible to everyone.


#1 Be caring

Seek to understand, then serve with honesty, humility and respect.


#2 Say ‘no’ to the status quo

Be committed to change and improve - individually and collectively


#3 Think long-term

Continuously develop for a sustainable future and create a positive impact.


#4 Work as a team

Be willing, energised, humble, collaborative and respectful.


#5 Act like an owner

Show by example, take responsibility and pursue the purpose with passion.


#6 Think global

Be influenced by world-class practices and standards.


#7 Do more with less

Simplify processes, reduce waste and pursue operational excellence.

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