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Hydrate Barbados for Hosts

Are you responsible for a public area? Can you make decisions on behalf of your organisation?
Do you want to do something that could change the world?

If the answer is yes:

Congratulations! You are the perfect Hydrate Barbados host.

The process in the nutshell



Newport Water is already working with sponsors from all areas of industry and commerce. These forward-looking, responsible organisations are ready to fund water bottle refill points in public spaces. And one of them is waiting to work with you.



Whether you’re a school, hospital, park, or small business, if you have the space to accommodate a Hydrate Station for public use, we can find you a sponsor.

You pay nothing accept for the water and electricity costs to power the station. 


No fuss. No bother. Simply let Newport Water handle the logistics, then enjoy the benefits of clean, fresh, sustainable drinking water on demand, when your refill point arrives.

You are free to reach out to us if you experience any issues with the station.

What you need to know:

Sponsors pay a monthly subscription fee along with a one-off set up fee for our full-sized and mini stations.

Our Newport Water team handles all sanitization, servicing and filtration changes.

As a host:

1. You are bringing the benefit of refreshing hydration to thousands of Barbadians and visitors

2. You are making Barbados a better more enjoyable place

3. You are cultivating the habit of drinking water which contributes to the health of our nation

4. You are cultivating the habit of refilling reusable water bottles which minimizes plastic bottles in our oceans and landfills

Generally our sponsors choose from our list of hosts.

However when there is an interest in your location, you are notified and all station artwork will be shared with you for your approval.

If you have someone interested in sponsoring your location, feel free to let us know!


The drinking stations will be branded for the Sponsor. Both Newport and the Host will review and approve of branding.

Corporates will typically brand stations in their chosen environment with a message, product or a combination of both which speak to their audience. Branding includes logos and colours.

NO. Hydrate water stations bring FREE, purified and refreshingly chilled drinking water to all Barbadians and visitors.

Hydrate Barbados stations are designed to be positioned in high-traffic, visible indoor or outdoor locations (yes, they are designed to be exposed to the elements). These locations must have or can get the needed services – water, 110V electricity and drain.

Locations include: Schools, universities, colleges, boardwalks, parks, beaches, bus stands, recreational and entertainment centres, airports etc.

We now offer varying station sizes. You can see all dimensions here.

– Capacity
With a minimum capacity of 150 litres of chilled water per hour the hydrate Barbados station has a capacity approx. 5 times the average fountain

– Reporting Intelligence
The HB station allows for monthly and quarterly report for both host and Sponsors on the number of water bottles filled in a given period.

– Options
With the Hydrate Barbados station you have the option of chilled or room temperature purified drinking water

– Hygiene
Rather than individuals drinking directly from a spout the Hydrate Barbados station allows only filling water bottle. Water bottles do not come in contact with the dispenser nozzle

– Vandal resistance
Hydrate Barbados station are built tough and are designed to be vandal resistant

– Size
Hydrate Barbados station towers above the regular drinking fountain in both height and width standing 4 feet wide and over 6 feet high and 2 feet deep.

– Filtration
Every station carries a world-class & state of the art level of filtration, including Ultra-Violet (UV)

– Maintenance
Every station is subjected to a rigorous and disciplined maintenance program including quality checks, filtration changes and anti-bacterial sanitizations

Every station is fitted with superior submicron carbon filtration technology which provides superior chlorine taste & odor reduction and micro-filters dirt and particles as small as 0.5 micron in size.

This filters the existing tap water making it crystal-clear, removing odour and taste impurities while reducing possible health contaminants such as asbestos fibers and a number of microorganisms including cryptosporidium.

10,000 litre plus capacity

NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified

A large percentage of our stations will also carry UV – The UV-C light mercury vapors are lethal for any type of microorganism (bacteria, virus, fungus, algae etc.): it is for this reason that water treated with a UV-C sterilizer is bacteria free


Are you ready to support the mission?

We’re waiting for your message, and looking forward to adding you to our host locations.

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