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Minimise your environmental impact with branded water bottles!

Make a difference while you get your brand noticed!

Why branded water bottles?

More people than ever are adopting a reusable water bottle as part of their daily kit. It is a strong trend which is here to stay – both globally and right here in the Caribbean. A reusable bottle replaces plastic bottles and becomes the user’s personal way of minimizing their environmental impact. A reusable bottle also makes an unspoken statement about the users commitment to sustainability. Further, reusable water bottles are typically more eco-friendly to produce and each one produced, eliminates hundreds if not thousands of plastic bottles over the course of it’s useful life.

Companies internationally and globally are seizing on this trend both to maximize their environmental impact and to keep their brand front of mind with clients and the market in general. Newport is committed to empowering corporations and brands through advancing their impact and sustainability through water. We started this through the Hydrate Program and are now bringing branded water bottles as part of our offer.


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Pricing & Information

Drinkmate Complete Set

Includes (1) Drinkmate carbonation beverage maker machine, (1) BPA-Free 1L reusable carbonating bottle,
(1) 60L CO₂ carbonator cylinder and (1) BPA-Free bottle lid.

$ 399 50
  • Barbadian Dollars
$ 516 38
  • EC Dollars
$ 30,889
  • Jamaican Dollars

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