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Company Overview

Caribbean-based, organization with a global outlook and strong values.

We pursue inspiring goals through the synergies and power of teamwork, through sustainable methodologies and through the virtue of hardwork.

We're purposed to give every client a world-class experience with our brand.

We’re committed to driving continuous improvement through lean practices

We’re working to build something extraordinarily, world-class.

We embrace an 'Extreme Ownership' mindset'. This means taking full responsibility for challenges, solutions and results.


You belong here if:

You ALWAYS find better more efficient ways of doing things. (innovation and continous improvement)

You believe in treating the janitor with the same respect as the CEO. (Respect, humility and teamwork)

You have the capacity to side-line your emotions and ego to fulfill the mission. (emotional intelligence, teamwork and self-discipline)

You're seriously good (and are constantly getting better) at what you do. (Competence and commitment to learning)

You have the capacity to ask for and act on feedback from those above, beneath you and beside you. (Humility and team spirit)

You tend to 'own' things and deliver on the results come 'hell or high water'. (ownership and responsibility for your tasks, actions and outcomes)


We recommend you read:

'Extreme Ownership' by Jocko Willink and Leif Babain



1. Put culture and values first

2. Continuously improve everything through the practice of lean principles

3. Commit to being extraordinary, excel

4. Build trust into every transaction and interaction

5. Serve, respect and elevate people

6. Ask for and act on feedback from those beneath, above and beside you

7. Embrace a global mindset

8. Recognize the power and synergy of teamwork

9. Work hard and work smart

10. Detail is important – pay attention

11. Actively Listen, Experiment and Learn

12. Thrive on overcoming obstacles

13. Be someone who can say 'I am sorry'; I was wrong;

14. Do something every day that scares you

15. Put the mission ahead of ego

16. Wear a smile and move with purpose

17. Numbers are very important; pick the keys ones and manage them

18. Speed stuns, creates opportunities and wins orders

19. Always be able to say what you’re working on, what your numbers are and what has you stuck

20. Live and work in such a way that you never need to look over your shoulder

21. Success is never owned; it is rented and the rent is due everyday

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