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Hydrate Barbados Stations Reach Double Digits!

Station launch at Sheraton Mall with sponsors Do It Best Barbados

Station launch at QEH A&E Department with sponsors Rentokil Barbados

Hydrate Barbados launched its 10th and 11th station in 1 week!

Even in the midst of delays set by the coming and passing of Hurricane Elsa, the Hydrate Barbados Team still managed to launch two stations one week after Elsa’s passing.
With so many companies recognizing the need to reduce our nation’s carbon footprint, it is no wonder that Hydrate Barbados is growing. We thank and congratulate Do It Best Barbados and Rentokil Initial Barbados for supporting the cause.

Pure Water at Sheraton Mall

Do It Best Barbados signed on to increase their efforts of reducing plastic waste by hosting a station at Sheraton Mall. This location was very fitting as Sheraton Mall supports many environmental organizations, one being the Waste 0 Resources Trust, a platform that aims to educate and encourage Barbadians to reduce the amount of plastic and waste in their daily lives.

According to Ms. Kelly Stoute, General Manager at Sheraton Mall, Sheraton Mall wants to reduce their carbon footprint and support other organizations with similar goals.

The station aptly reads, ‘If just 1 in 5 Barbadians used refillable water bottles, the island could save over 8.5 million bottles of water a year.’ We at Newport love those figures and hope that that statement resonates with the Barbadian public and they choose to refill.

Do It Best currently offers a ‘Shop with your reusable bag’ incentive where customers shopping on Thursdays with their Do It Best reusable bags get 20% OFF. It is clear that small changes make big impacts and with this addition to the main entrance of Sheraton Mall, we are set to make a huge impact!

QEH gets its second Hydrate Barbados Station

There should be no shortage of cool refreshing water at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. For many Barbadians, being in the Accident and Emergency Department is generally not a good thing, and before this addition, persons would be forced to fill up on sweet drinks and snacks from the nearby vending machines as they wait for care. Thankfully, sponsors Rentokil Initial Barbados has helped to provide the healthiest choice, water, free of cost!

With its sleek design and user-friendly technology, this station fits right into the newly modernized A&E department. Having access to pure filtered water whenever you need it is not only important to visitors of the department, but equally as important for the hardworking staff in the A&E.
All Hydrate Barbados stations are operated via foot pedals, making them contactless; a key element based on the high standards of safety required for the health facility and COVID protocols.

On the path to zet zero

Rentokil Initial is committed to reducing their net zero carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2040. Sponsoring a pure water hydration station is one positive step in that direction. We are so elated when we align with like minded companies, that understand and appreciate our goals. We are protecting our nation for future generations, because every small action brings us one step closer to a better world.

Hydrate Barbados is growing, would you or your company like to host or sponsor a station? Find out more here .

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