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Newport in New Colours

Can you imagine the sky brown, the grass not green, or flowers all grey?

Colour gives our environment its character, its serenity, its moods. Newport has harnessed this power of colour to represent our values of well-being, innovation and environmental stewardship. We are now pleased to unveil our new signature colours of pink, blue and green!


What Do the Colours Mean?

Pink is used to represent well-being.

We are in the pure water business and nothing spells health like pure water. We are on a mission to make pure filtered water easy and accessible to our clients.


Blue is significant to us because it speaks of innovation.

We will not just toe the line, we will think about the future and make products and services available which are progressively better and progressively more efficient.


Green has been chosen as it is affiliated with the environment.

Single-use plastics can clog our water systems and threaten to compromise it’s our ocean’s wildlife. We should not take the gift of water from the environment and harm it at the same time. Through the use of our filtered water systems, we encourage customers to let the water flow by using reusable and recyclable containers rather than storing the water. We promote and we practice good environmental stewardship.


What Can You Expect From Us?

We value progress and improvements which do not compromise values. You can expect a corporate citizen that is proactive and keenly aware of the environment in which it operates. Read more about us here.

You can expect products and services that are built on our values. Our new biodegradable cups are a testament to that. This new product merges excellent design with user-friendly features and great looks.

We began on an island surrounded by water, which is internationally described as an azure blue and emerald-coloured. Our aim is to keep it that way! Our marine life can only stand a chance of survival if we change our garbage content and disposal habits today. We are for the dolphins and the turtles!

We have reimagined Newport Water in colour and invite you to come along with us on the journey towards well-being, innovation and a better environment for our children to live in!


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