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On World Health Day, free water station installed in Constitution River Bus Terminal

Over the past year, we have seen how a virus like COVID-19 can disrupt the way how we think and operate. The adverse effects on persons with co-morbidities like diabetes, as well as the risk for severe illness increasing with age, has not boded well for countries such as Barbados, which has a high elderly population and where non communicable diseases already account for 83% of the country’s deaths.

Today, World Health Day, we at Newport Water are delighted to partner with Massy Card and Transport Authority to provide an essential public amenity by means of this Hydrate Barbados water station. The aim of the Hydrate Barbados Programme has been not only reducing plastic waste in the environment, but to encourage healthier lifestyles and habits across our nation. Massy Card has come on board to sponsor this water station here in a crucial location like the Constitution River Bus Terminal, which can see foot traffic in the thousands each day.

Together for a fairer, healthier world

Following the theme of “Together for a fairer, healthier world”, “the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for urgent action to eliminate health inequities and mobilize action to attain better health for all and leave no one behind”. Everyone deserves access to water, whether it be our kids at school, the tourists visiting and walking along the Hastings Boardwalk, or the general Barbadian public in this bus terminal and other key locations.

Water woes are no stranger to Barbadians, and because Newport cannot do it alone, we call on all our partners and clients to ensure that no one is left behind. Every refill at a station like this is one less single use plastic bottle in a gutter, dumped on a beach or a public space, but it also means persons are choosing water as their drink of choice, and this helps in combatting the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages, which are contributing to the high NCD rates and obesity in our island.

As we launch our 8th Hydrate Barbados station today, it means that people in Barbados can more easily access water when they’re out and about on their daily business. And there’s no need to worry about the station’s safety or sanitization, as it’s completely contactless due to our foot pedal water dispensing innovation. We are one step closer in our effort to eliminate health inequalities by making world-class amenities available to every local and tourist alike. We trust that the public will utilize the station wisely.

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