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Our Vision

The most trusted, impactful brand in water with successful Caribbean-wide operations.

We currently offer the best eco-friendly water solutions to these & more Caribbean establishments:

Our Purpose

Newport stands for well-being, innovation and the environment.

We exist to accelerate social, economic, and environmental prosperity through the advancement of pure water and making it easily accessible to everyone.

Who we are

Newport is a triple bottom-line brand.
Unlike most companies who have only profit as a bottom-line, we measure our success across 3 bottom-lines:

The 3 Ps are manifest in everything we do.
They bring a deep sense of balance, purpose and fulfillment to our lives, while making us a powerful force for good.

Culture Pillars & Values

Deep respect for people

We seek to understand and then serve with honesty, humility and respect; we grow people.

Deep respect for resources

We do more with less; we pursue operational excellence.

Global, Long-term Thinking

We are influenced by world-class practices and standards; we prioritize value and sustainable solutions.

Work as a team

We share knowledge, lend support, and win as one unit.

Act like an owner

We take responsibility and pursue the mission with passion and purpose.

Say no to the status quo

We never settle; we go where others have never gone and do what others have never done.

Our Why

Traditional ways of accessing and consuming drinking water are expensive, flawed and wasteful.

You shouldn’t need to lift, store or order water in any environment. Water systems should never be unhygienic, lack maintenance or be in a state of disrepair; neither should you have to generate plastic waste or hurt the environment to quench your thirst. Water should be clean, sustainable, refreshing and easily accessible.

We are delighted to empower our clients in Barbados, St. Lucia, Jamaica and the wider Caribbean in leading a new era of well-being, innovation and environmental stewardship.

Life at Newport

A snapshot of our team’s experience across the region!

What we provide

At Newport Water we provide sustainable solutions for the pure, hassle-free drinking water in corporate, hospitality, residential and public environments.

Our solutions purify and dispense the local government regulated water, eliminating the need for ordering, storing, lifting or managing, single use or large plastic bottles. Each solution is hand-picked from world-class, global manufacturers or is proprietary to us and includes bottle filling stations, water dispensers, integrated tap systems (ITS), water softeners and purification.

The overall Newport experience is made up of just 30% product. The other 70% is on-the-ground support and service by a purpose-driven and solutions-focused team.

Leading-edge internal software tracks the serial number and maintenance cycles of every piece of equipment in the field, guaranteeing a fast, seamless, and high-quality drinking water experience.

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