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HoReCa Water Systems

Still & Sparkling water for HoReCa environments - An eco-friendly way to hydrate your guests & patrons!

A world-wide environmental shift

Don't be left behind

Many HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant & Café) and Conferencing environments are seeking to eliminate bottled water and opt for more efficient and environmentally friendly in-house solutions to drinking water for their guests and patrons. This is a global trend that is frequently now expected and requested by guests and patrons.

Be a part of the solution

How Newport can help.

Newport brings a simple, high-capacity dispenser system that meets this demand by dispensing high volumes of quality chilled, still and chilled sparkling water in-house – up to 80/ltr per hour!

Consider the negative environmental impact associated with bottled water which is bottled many miles away – transportation, disposing of plastic/glass bottles – and how much time and energy goes into maintaining your supply of bottled water. All this extra is costing you a lot of money.

The Newport way means you eliminate all this by taking your chilled or sparkling water directly from our specialized in-house system directly to your guests/patrons.

Our systems are fully installed, supported and managed by Newport and are backed by a range of key accessories such as specially branded glass water bottles and bottle-washing and storage baskets to complete your in-house drinking water experience.

High capacity for high demand

Our System is compact and efficient countertop Sparkling water bar. Thanks to the direct-chill cooling technology, it is tailor-made for restaurants, bars or bistros.

Capacity: 80 litres/hr

Ideal Environments

Front or back-of-house environments at:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Conference Centres
  • Large Cafeterias

Accessories Add-on

Serve your customers in specially designed luxury refillable bottles

Our service to the HoReCa environment goes beyond our high capacity dispensers. As a bonus, Newport can provide specially designed water bottles for you to serve your guests.
Eliminate single-use plastic bottle waste, significantly reduce carbon emissions and minimize overall environmental impact.

If this add-on is chosen, Newport will provide you with:

  • Branded water bottles
  • Wash baskets
  • Trolley

Complete Support & Maintenance Solutions

Newport provides convenient turn-key packages so installation and use of these dispensers is as simple & smooth as possible for your staff and guests!

Equipment purchase + maintenance package

When you purchase the equipment, it includes maintenance, managed by our qualified technicians.

Maintenance covers:

  • Free delivery
  • Filtration changes
  • Break-fix service calls
  • Sanitizations
  • Quality audits

Installation Requirements:

  • Potable water source
  • Required Space
  • Drain
  • 110/220V electrical outlet

A trusted brand for pure water!

A snapshot of some of Newport’s clients across the region, who trust us to provide pure drinking water.

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