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People & Culture at Newport

When you strive for excellence, your people must come first.

Newport is a Caribbean-based organization with strong values, and we recognize the importance of an encouraging environment. We are mindful that every member of our team comes in to our space with their own personality, character traits or faults, weaknesses and strengths, but what makes Newport special is our recognition of their value. We seek to to not only improve their well-being financially, but also emotionally, allowing them to improve on their strengths and tackle any weakness head on, with the support of a team.


As a small company, teamwork is not only encouraged, but necessary. We celebrate each other’s wins and sympathize with their losses. We’re purposed to give every client a world-class experience with our brand, and in order to do so we must be sure each team member understands the mission and understands their role in it all.

While we have our separate departments and operate in three territories, it is not uncommon to see our Marketing Executive taking service calls, or our Team Leader, while based in Barbados, conducting interviews or assisting team members in St. Lucia or Jamaica. It’s all hands on deck at Newport as all team members understand our core values.


We hit the jackpot with our new People and Culture Team Leader, Katie Barrow, as she not only fits right in with our team at Newport, but she understands the importance of cultivating the right culture within the workplace. We are always aiming to be better, and it is Katie’s vision to push Newport further.

Katie believes she was very lucky – she knew what she was meant to do with her life when she was 16 years old.  Not everyone is that fortunate, so one of her missions in life is to help others find their passion, because as Albert Einstein said – “Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Katie’s Vision

“Newport has always valued its team members, and as the company continues

to grow, they are essential to ensuring that the high level of service we are known for is maintained.  As People & Culture Team Leader I will focus on creating a foundation of HR excellence and innovation, which will pave the way to achieving our company vision.  Many exciting changes are happening at Newport over the next year, and I am thrilled to be helping such a talented team navigate this new chapter at the company. My focus will always be on the team, because happy team members make happy clients!”

We’re looking forward together and are excited for what the future holds for us!

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