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Drinkmate – Carbonate Anything!

Drinkmate is the ONLY carbonation beverage maker that allows you to carbonate ANY BEVERAGE quickly and easily.
You can directly add tasty fizz to water, juices, iced tea or iced coffee, energy drinks, wine, cocktails, and even flat soda or beer.  What will you sparkle next?

Box includes:

  • (1) Drinkmate carbonation beverage maker machine
  • (1) BPA-Free 1L reusable carbonating bottle
  • (1) BPA-Free bottle lid
  • (1) 60L CO₂ carbonator cylinder

$ 199.75 (USD)


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Get Creative. Get Healthy!

Take control of your health with healthier versions of your favourite drink – you get to decide how much sugar is added!

Use Anywhere!

Drinkmate needs NO water connection, electricity or batteries to operate.
With a single CO2 cylinder carbonating anything in a flash, feel free to pack it up and go!

Zero Plastic Waste.

Protect our environment with thousands of bottles and cans saved from our landfills. Carbonate your water or beverage in seconds!

Plus you can easily exchange your empty CO₂ cylinder for a new one at a reduced price. More incentives for you to play your part!

Save money & time!

(1) 60L CO₂ cylinder can make up to 120 (500ml) bottles of sparkling water!

We also offer a reduced fee when you exchange your CO₂ cylinder for a new one, so the savings increase over time!

A sleek complete system

Start carbonating straight from the box! Everything is included and set up is quick and easy. Elegantly styled in a small footprint that saves counter space.
Available in 4 decorative finishes to match your decor.

8” L x 5” W x 16” H

Stock up on more CO2 here.

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  • Drinkmate Bottles 0.5L – Twin Pack

    Accessories $ 33.49 (USD)
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    Having extra Drinkmate bottles lets you make and store different drinks.

    • Sold as a 2-Pack (Twin pack)
    • BPA Free and food safe PET material
    • Carbonation preserving top cap
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  • Drinkmate CO₂ Cylinder (60 L)

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    Never run out of CO₂! Stock up on our 60-Litre CO₂ cylinders  to keep the bubbles flowing!

    Have an empty CO₂ ?
    Simply select ‘with exchange’ below to get your new one at a discounted rate.

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