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Kohner Benz Digital

Minimalist Design, Ultra-Compact Size

Brief Reverse Osmosis + Alkaline Filtration Technology
The easy way to pure, sustainable, refreshing water!
The KohnerBenz Filtration Technology taps directly into the cold-water line and fits under any sink; keeping it out of sight and eliminating the need to utilize valuable countertop or floor space.

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Designed to deliver the best quality ambient water at the most economical price. A great addition to your home or office.

  • 500 gallons of pure, fresh drinking water per day
  • Designer lead free Chrome faucet included
  • Can be used with or without tank
  • Can be installed with a 3-gallon tank specially designed to store RO filtered water.
  • Connected to: Fridges, Ice Machines, Dispense Taps, Water Coolers.
  • Bonus: Purified, Chlorine free Alkaline Water.

High efficiency direct flow

Produces 1.4 litres of water per minute without the need for a storage tank. It treats the water at the time of consumption, so just like a natural spring, the water is never stagnant.

Simple and intuitive handling

Front display screen so that everything is under control.

Water quality detector

The Intelligent Purify system incorporates digital water quality gauges at the inlet and at the end of the purification process.

Filter status detector

The display indicates the status of each filter in order to know when they need to be substituted.

Filtration + Filter Life:

  • PP + Carbon = 2500Litres
  • Reverse Osmosis = 7500Litres
  • T33 = 5000Litres


  • Dimension: W5”x L17.44″ x H14″
  • Power Requirement:110/220V

See detailed specifications here.

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