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Rid your water of the bad stuff!

Remove limescale buildup, bad odour and taste with our purification systems

How our systems work

Reverse Osmosis

Our Reverse Osmosis  systems are the easiest way to pure, sustainable, refreshing water!  This purification technology taps directly into the cold-water line and fits under any sink; keeping it out of sight and eliminating the need to utilize valuable countertop or floor space.

A reverse osmosis system uses a semi-permeable membrane with tiny holes to push water and remove impurities such as calcium, magnesium, chlorine, heavy metals, organic matter, sediments and other contaminants.

RO systems deliver pure water which can be ideally used in kettles, cooking, baking and other drinking water applications.

Powerful Under-Counter Systems

Designed to deliver the best quality ambient water at the most economical price. A great addition to your home or office.

500 gallons of pure, fresh drinking water per day
Designer lead free Chrome faucet included
No tank: Zero secondary pollution.
Easily connects to taps and appliances 

Smart Technology

- Kohner Benz Digital -
Keep track of the life of your filters and your water consumption

Budget-friendly Option

- Kohner Benz on Bracket-
No electrical connection required

Let's choose the right system for you!

No hassle subscription package

Our RO Filtration Systems are available for purchase but we’re also passionate about saving our clients the hassle of maintenance and we LOVE long-term partnerships, so we’ve developed a cost-effective solution.

Subscription prices include:

Get Reverse Osmosis filtered water flowing from your tap!

RO Filtration Systems start at:
Purchase: From USD $250 + VAT /GCT

Say hello to pure water!

Let’s schedule your free assessment.

Kohner Benz Filtration

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