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Taking Innovation Across The Region

Jamaica, Jamaica

Like most Caribbean islands, Jamaica has a rich water culture where locals and tourists alike, take in the natural sites of its waterfalls and over 50 rivers and frequent its sandy, clear beaches.
If you visit Jamaica, it would be remiss of you to not visit the Dunns River in Ocho Rios, go bamboo rafting in the Lethe River (with a foot massage, of course), or visit the world famous Rick’s Cafe, after taking a dip at the Seven Mile Beach in Negril.
With landscapes as beautiful as these why wouldn’t we want to protect it?

Bamboo rafting at Lethe River

Dunns River

The popular Ricks Café'

Surely not a necessity

Although Jamaica’s water has been voted among one of the highest qualities in the world, Jamaicans are still reaching for bottled water. Thus, increasing the use of single use plastics and pollution in the island. This reach is not a necessity and can surely be avoided.

Bottled water has grown from a convenience to a well-demanded alternative in Jamaica, with thousands of people choosing it over tap water. But, with the demand of constant, chilled water in the corporate environment, relying on bottled water becomes less of a convenience and more of a hassle.

Innovation replaces inconvenience – Going Bottle-less

Gary Instatgram

When Gary Ingram, our now Business Development Executive, heard about Newport’s arrival in Jamaica, he was excited to be a part of the introduction of something that he saw as truly unique and relevant.

We have seen firsthand how inconvenient large bottled water dispensers have been to many organizations in Jamaica. To store, manage and order bottled water for large staff complements has proven to be difficult. Companies have been inconvenienced with late deliveries and persons have attempted to collect their own water or refill bottles themselves. Usable spaces in offices have also been compromised by the storing of these bottles. Newport’s bottle-less solutions changes all of this.

Surely not a necessity

“Probably the most common challenge is getting our audience to understand the benefits and simplicity of our offering. Most are unbelieving of how a Newport system can bring efficiency to the corporate environment.

Thankfully, prospective clients become immediately convinced once we have a better opportunity to actually showcase examples and offer a trial. Their conversion and adoption then quickly erodes the previous skepticism.” – Gary

Our brand utilizes bottle-less dispensers and a subscription based plan. Thus, companies never have to worry about running out of water. Like everywhere else, Covid has made a big impact on Jamaica. But the touchless innovations Newport brings, have instilled some sense of peace of mind as persons return to the office.

It has been nothing short of amazing expanding to Jamaica. We’re watching the culture change right in front of our eyes and are delighted to have engaged with companies and individuals whose visions are harmonious with ours and allowed us to further our mission of making pure water easy and accessible.

Gary is totally pleased with the developments in Jamaica and our Newport culture. “I enjoy the teamwork, comradery and enthusiasm of my colleagues, it is a very upbeat and goal oriented work environment. To see the transformations we bring to our customers as we deliver on our promise, as well as the commitment within Newport Water to offer outstanding service, certainly gives me a thrill.” – Gary

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Photos of JAMAICA VIA A MBJ Airport Transfers

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