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U2 Tap Systems

bring high capacity
refreshment to any environment

 Combining sleek and practical features, the tap system meets demand every time, with a simple pull of the tap levers, providing thirst-quenching ambient, chilled, or sparkling water. Designed for endurance, the U2’s fine engineering and quality construction always ensures dependable performance.
The water cooler delivers an impressive throughput of 80 liters per hour at a consistent chilled temperature, making it the perfect solution for busy environments.

so sleek, so practical

U2 Twin Head Tap

Elegant and functional

Dispenser height: 250mm
Water Options: Chilled & Sparkling | Chilled & Ambient 

U2 Three Head Tap

Unrivalled performance

Dispenser height: 250mm
Water Options: Chilled, Sparkling & Ambient 

your choice

purchase or subscribe

Our U2 Tap Systems are available for purchase but we’re also passionate about saving our clients the hassle of maintenance and we LOVE long-term partnerships, so we’ve developed a cost-effective solution.

our subscription packages include:

(pricing available upon request)


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