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Whole Property
Ultrafiltration Systems

For Commercial & Residential Environments

Ultrafiltration - Solving more than just bad taste & saving you money

The VZN Ultrafiltration Systems will be the last filtration you will ever need for your business or home. With its low maintenance and the technology to remove particles as small as .015 microns (3,000x smaller than a human hair), you will have clean, pure water flowing throughout your entire home or business, with just one single system.

The Best Water Treatment Systems for the Caribbean!


Questionable water quality has made filtered water a necessity in our Caribbean region. The unsustainable use of bottled water does not address the many commercial / household uses for water, such as cleaning, sanitizing and food preparation. A whole property ultrafiltration system filters the water directly at the main, giving you clean, pure water at every point.


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VZN-541 Series


This high capacity ultrafiltration option is perfect for large complexes and commercial uses.

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VZN-521 Series

Villa & Café Approved

Ultrafiltration perfect for smaller business, and multi-family homes.



Just Right for Small Families

This ultrafiltration system is perfectly suited for 1 to 2 person homes.

Ideal Locations

Our Ultrafiltration systems pro­vide better-tasting, filtered water throughout the entire property with just a single system.



Key Features & Benefits

Premium Water

Cost Effective

Compact & Powerful


Our skilled technicians will be by to access your space and your needs, but here are a few things to consider with our ultrafiltration systems. 



System Facts & Knowledge


Designed to remove particles as small as .015 microns (3,000 times smaller than a human hair). The VZN  ultrafilter is self-cleaning and long lasting with minimal maintenance.


Carbon Filter:

Removes chlorine and other chemical contaminants, taking the water’s purity to new heights.


The filter is an ideal way to protect expensive equipment from limescale while reducing maintenance costs.


The Template-Assisted Crystallization (TAC) System uses unique technology to convert hard, dissolved minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals that are relatively insoluble.


This is available with the VZN-541 Series and the VZN-521 Series systems only.


The ultrafilter is recommended to be replaced once every three years

Carbon Filter:

The carbon filter should be replaced once per year.

Our technicians handle the installation of all systems provided by us.


The VZN Ultrafiltration Systems can only be installed indoors. 


The space requirements vary by model, but a secure mounting place for the VZN that will be able to support 40 to 83 lbs. is required. A drain that will allow a 15 gallon-per-minute (GPM) flow rate is necessary (similar to the drain rate of a standard washing machine).


The VZN Ultrafiltration System will need to be installed near the entry point of the water line into your home.


If your property has a water tank and a water softener, the setup should be as follows:

Water tank ---> VZN Ultrafiltration System---> Water Softener.


Water that is free from chlorine should never be stored for long periods.

While it is not absolutely necessary, a water softener will significantly improve the quality of water in your home. A softener system will supply water that will never cause scale deposits.


See our Water Softeners here.


The VZN system should be installed before a water softener and after any water storage tanks.

These ultrafiltration systems are available in Barbados, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Guyana and Bahamas currently. 


We will soon be bringing these ultrafiltration systems to the entire Caribbean.

One of our team members will work with you along side one of our highly skilled technicians so we can find the best system for you.

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A trusted brand for pure water!

A snapshot of some of our clients across the region, who trust us to provide pure drinking water.

Price Range

As mentioned, the size of your water softener depends on the size of the property served.
However, water softeners start from approximately US$2,000 + VAT/GCT.

It's time to make pure water easy for you!

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Ultrafiltration VZN Systems (#39)

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