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Water Coolers and Dropping 10 Pounds

Dropping 10 pounds might not seem like much, especially if you have more weight to lose. But there are plenty of studies that have looked at people just like you who have lost 10 pounds and the results of even such a small drop in weight can be quite significant. That’s right, in losing just 10 pounds, you have much more to gain than just moving down a pant size.

When it comes to losing weight, it isn’t as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is take it slow, just a few pounds at a time. Research has shown that even a small amount of weight loss can result in life-saving changes. One key to losing weight is to drink a lot of water. Which is why you should invest in a water dispenser.

Newport Systems, your source for water coolers in St. Lucia, offers the amazing things that happen when you lose just 10 pounds.

Lower Blood Pressure

Losing 10 pounds on average will drop systolic blood pressure just over four points and three points diastolic pressure on average. That is pretty amazing, lowering your blood pressure by doing nothing more than shedding a few pounds.

Happier Joints

The pressure that you put on your joints comes down to simple math. If you weigh 200 pounds, you are putting three hundred pounds of pressure on your joints just walking on level ground. The force on your knees increases two to three times when you are walking on an incline.

Losing just 10 pounds means taking 15 pounds of pressure off the knee joints when walking on level ground. That 10 pounds turns into twenty or thirty pounds of weight off of your knees if you are walking an incline.

Better Sleep

If you snore at night, it could be due to a form of sleep apnea. This is a condition in which your wind passages get partially blocked while you are asleep. Sleep apnea is more common in people who are overweight. Losing just 10 pounds could cure your sleep apnea. leaving you feel well-rested each morning.

Detoxify Your Body

That extra weight you carry around builds up around your kidneys and liver. These are critical organs that have to work harder to detoxify your body when you are overweight. Losing just 10 pounds will ease the workload of your kidneys and liver and they will function better.

Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

That’s right, losing just 10 pounds can reduce your risk for developing cancer.

Support a Strong and Healthy Heart

Being overweight is particularly hard on your cardiovascular system. Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body, by a long shot. And since you need your heart to live, well, it makes sense you would want to keep it strong and healthy.

Losing just 10 pounds shows your heart some serious love. Losing 10 pounds supports healthy cholesterol levels, supports healthy blood pressure and makes things easier for your heart.

Dodge Diabetes

According to research, losing 10 pounds could cut your risk of developing diabetes in half.

Reduce Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack

You now know that losing 10 pounds can lower your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and supports a healthy heart. When you add all of these heart benefits up, you stand to lower your risk of having a heart attack by as much as 50 percent.

Better Sex

Another benefit of losing 10 pounds is how you feel about yourself. Take a look in the mirror after losing weight and it probably brings a smile to your face. And if you feel more attractive, you won’t be as shy about your partner seeing you.

Lower Risk of Dementia

At this moment, you probably aren’t giving too much thought to dementia. Keeping a healthy body weight and staying fit is critical in helping to ward off dementia.

Feel Better About Yourself

In addition to getting healthier, lowering your risk for several unwanted conditions and looking better, losing 10 pounds will have you feeling great about yourself in general. You will walk around with your head high knowing that losing that 10 pounds was a great accomplishment that will make your life better.

And it all starts by drinking more water. Call Newport Systems and ask about our water dispensers.












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