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There is no substitute for clean water.

Water should be clean. Water should be pure. Water should be easy. Since 2007, we’ve been delivering exactly that to Barbados and St. Lucia.


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Better and more efficient.

Our distinctly functional systems deliver water that’s pure, clean, and without plastic bottles. Get ready to receive amazing aesthetics, total peace of mind, and genuine savings.


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Impact your environment with purity.

Water bottles are typically heavy, awkward, and prone to enormous spillage. We take bottles out of the equation entirely, making it sustainable and environmentally responsible.


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Benefits of Water Coolers at Your Office in Barbados

Smart offices are recognizing that beyond the many health benefits, there are several benefits in having a water cooler at the office. Hydration plays a critical role in our health. Everyone knows that we cannot survive without water. Water plays a central role in organ function, core temperature regulation and the flushing of toxins. Our…

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A Whole New Whirl

Some like it hot and some like it cold. Whatever your preference, the exciting new line of environmentally-friendly paper cups at Newport Water has you covered. Did I say paper? Yes, I did! We have made a brand-new product available to you that aligns directly with our values of well-being, innovation and the environment.  Your Well-being The…

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Newport in New Colours

Can you imagine the sky brown, the grass not green, or flowers all grey? Colour gives our environment its character, its serenity, its moods. Newport has harnessed this power of colour to represent our values of well-being, innovation and environmental stewardship. We are now pleased to unveil our new signature colours of pink, blue and…

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Water Coolers and Dropping 10 Pounds

Dropping 10 pounds might not seem like much, especially if you have more weight to lose. But there are plenty of studies that have looked at people just like you who have lost 10 pounds and the results of even such a small drop in weight can be quite significant. That’s right, in losing just…

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